Origination uses a revolutionary technique where instead of dots, image patterns are used; like bricks or rectangles etc. This results in brighter holograms as the images are perfectly aligned to each other without any gaps

The Kinemax system shoots multiple pixels at a time & can achieve highest image resolution to 120,000 dpi.


Veritech proudly owns the New High Security 1, 20,000 dpi KINEMAX System, one of the finest holographic mastering equipment.

Ultrasec Kinemax  Hologram Orgination System

  • One of the world’s most advanced Hologram Origination Systems
  •  Highest resolution : 120,000 dpi
  •  Capabilty to invent new security features
  •  All types of Hologram images from a single system ( 2D3D, ‘Dotmatrix’, 3D )
  •  Complete design flexibility
  •  Higher range of colours
  •  Imagematrix structure of pixels; multiple pixels shot at a time