Holographic Products


Holographic Products

Alu-Foil with Holostrip

Medicines and food items need specialized blister packaging for safety and protection. These are also required to secure the items against environmental influences, oxygen and moisture. Veritech offers high quality printed alu-foils with Holographic elements. The holographic strips help the end customer identify the authentic product, thus reducing health risks. 

Wrist Bands

Security personnel at public events and entertainment venues frequently face numerous cases of gate crashing and unauthorized admissions using fake or counterfeited tickets. Moreover, ticket retention while going back and forth through security gates becomes a tedious affair for both patrons and verifying authorities.


Security Wristbands offer an excellent solution for both problems. These are tagged onto the wrists of patrons with valid invites/admission rights and are impossible to remove without destroying them. The security personnel can quickly check if the person is authorized to re-enter or not by merely looking at the security wrist band or scanning it.

Security Features

  • Made from 1073D Tyvek DuPont™, the best high-density polyethylene fibre in the world.

  • Veritech High-Security Wristbands come with excellent tack and security cuts.

  • Option to add barcodes and serial inkjet numbering for better tracking.

  • Specially formulated security adhesive closure is waterproof and fail-safe.

  • Each band is sequentially numbered and is available with customization in text and logos.

Holographic Tapes


Tamper-Evident Tapes

This product is a high-security option whereby if the tape is peeled off, the holographic image gets tampered, rendering it unusable. And since these security tapes are customized, they are not available in the market. These provide a high level of security against pilferage from primary packaging in the supply chain by detecting any tampering.  

Non Tamper-Evident Tapes

Pilferage can easily take place while products travel through the supply chain. The absence of a useful Anti-Pilferage tool on the primary packaging lets this happen. Holographic Tape ensures at a glance if there has been any product tampering. Since these security tapes are customized, they are not available in the market. This simple but effective security measure can discourage pilferage at all levels of the supply chain.

Demetallized Tapes

De-metallization refers to the removal of metallization from some part/s of the hologram. It is one of the highest security level hologram technologies since a combination of holographic and non-holographic areas are used to make it different and unique. With the demetallization process, the logo or name of the brand can also be made visible under the de-metallized part. It provides adequate protection against duplication, contact printing and other counterfeiting methods.

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