Document Security


Secure Documents

Academic Documents

Forged ​ documents can damage the reputations of well-established academic institutions, which they have built over decades of following the most stringent rules and procedures of the education system. According to recent studies, there is a rise of nearly 30-35% in the number of fake certificates in circulation, which is clearly a major concern for these institutions. Veritech offers a range of secure academic documents, such as certificates, degrees and marksheets which are engineered to perfection with our patented secure printing technologies and holograms that are difficult to tamper with or duplicate, thus safeguarding the reputations of these esteemed institutions.

Security Features:

  • Security inks, such as thermochromic ink, color changing ink, taggant ink, etc.

  • Security paper with watermarks and other customized security features

  • Guilloche patterns

  • Holographic hot stamps or Holographic strips

  • Micro-text and Nano-text

  • Sequential numbering / bar codes

  • Digital authentication and verification features

Financial Documents

Counterfeiting of financial instruments such as cheques, stamp papers and share certificates is a serious threat to businesses and end consumers. According to RBI data, the amount of losses on account of bank frauds amounted to nearly ₹71,500 crore during 2018-19. In the last 11 years these losses worked out to a whopping ₹2.05 trillion.

Veritech's range of pre-printed cheques & other financial documents protects your business from fraud risks by including your corporate image as the foundation of the cheque’s security. Our cheques meet all the requirements set by RBI for cheque printing. At Veritech we use specialized secure design software, that is at par with the security level of currency notes, and have the capability to create customized documents as per your corporate identity.


  • Unique, specialized paper with customized watermarks

  • Holographic hot foil stamping

  • Customized security printing features like micro / nano text & background patterns

  • Advanced Security inks such as Invisible UV to prevent illegal alteration

Entry Tickets / Event Passes

An entry ticket assumes great significance for event organizers and facilitators. It has to be secure enough to prevent fraudulent reproduction and thereby unauthorized access and at the same time have aesthetic appeal. By combining quality and aesthetics with security, we offer tickets and passes that safeguard our customers against forgery and deters unauthorized entry to their events. It is a high security restricted access instrument devised to maintain the exclusivity of an event like conferences, sports events, celebrity events and the like.


  • Two levels of authentication - one for customers and one for the field staff / organizers

  • Perforation line for easy separation of counterfoil

  • Printed on high-quality substrates and customized finishes as per design & requirement

Scratch Coupons

Nowadays, reward and incentive programs are an inevitable part of consumer centric marketing activities. These programs help brands earn customer loyalty and repeat sales. Veritech's secure redemption coupons ensure that only those customers who have procured the product or service legitimately can make the claim for which the coupon is valid. These coupons have been widely used across diverse industries like fashion, food, entertainment, automobiles etc.

Scratch panels, which are an integral part of these coupons, are designed to hide covert information which the end user can see only after scratching off the panel. These types of coupons are used for applications such as recharge vouchers & cards and also for redemption purposes as part of gift schemes.

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