Why Veritech

Shriram Veritech offers to adhere the three ‘S’s - Security, Speed and Service and has built a reputation of unwavering trust and credibility through the highest standards of professional integrity. Widely known for our reliability and sound principles; we offer the unbeatable combination of advanced technology & highest quality to our customers. Our mantra is Customer Satisfaction through “continuous improvement” in all spheres.

  • Security : Shriram Veritech has a high security manufacturing facility with 24 hours closed circuit TV system covering the entire production area, finger-print access control to production areas via automatic security card doors and 100% scanning of all category of personnel.
  • Quality : Backed by the best production systems and excellent technical know-how, Shriram Veritech produces Solutions that are of top international quality. 100% inspection at every stage of manufacture ensures defect free shipments.
  • Reliability : Driven by a belief in professional integrity, Shriram Veritech has over the years built a reputation of unwavering trust and has been able to offer an environment of total confidentiality and security to customers.
  • Speed : Shriram Veritech offers a unique advantage in terms of quick response to enquiries, instant service and on-time deliveries.
  • Service : Shriram Veritech offers personalized service and care through a network of offices and representatives spread across the country and overseas.